The Best Supplements for Runners

Did you know that glutathione supplementation can suppress muscle fatigue that is often induced by prolonged aerobic exercises like running? Don’t let sore and tired muscles get in the way of your goals as a runner. 

Discover why the best supplements for endurance running are focused on glutathione production and how GSH+ is different from all the other supplements for runners. 


Supplements for Runners: What Your Body Needs

Increased glutathione levels in the body can boost energy levels, modulate inflammation, support your immune system, and so much more. As the master antioxidant, glutathione helps your body perform optimally.

When you exercise, your body increases how much oxygen it takes in and ultimately increases how many free radicals are in your bloodstream. This, in turn, can increase your oxidative stress. 

Oxidative stress can damage your cells and proteins, generate inflammation, and play a role in a number of health conditions.


Oxidative Stress

While oxidative stress can certainly be damaging, it is also the reason that your body is able to grow stronger, adapt to new physical challenges, and enhance antioxidant defenses. 

Recent studies have looked into the relationship between oxidative stress and athletic performance, with one study finding that higher levels of oxidative stress were an important predictive marker of approaching injury.


Antioxidant Defense

Intense exercise and conditioning produces more oxidative stress, but it is also the reason your body can produce a more effective antioxidant response in the form of glutathione. 

After a tough exercise, your body immediately begins the recovery process. It works on decreasing inflammation, reducing free radicals, and rebuilding muscles. Specifically, glutathione does this work. The master antioxidant goes around “cleaning up,” donating electrons, and flushing out toxins. 



Glutathione is a tripeptide containing three essential amino acids: cysteine, glycine, and glutamic acid, and it is involved in hundreds of essential processes throughout the body in every cell.

Glutathione can help to: 

  • Modulate inflammation
  • Increase energy
  • Detoxify the liver and cells
  • Boost mental focus and clarity
  • Support a healthy immune system
  • Increase insulin sensitivity
  • Assist in athletic performance and recovery
  • And more!

Although as the body ages, it produces less and less glutathione naturally. So it’s understandable to want to seek out a glutathione supplement. But there are a few reasons you may want to avoid shopping for a pure glutathione pill. First, the body does not absorb glutathione well. Second, if you give your body pure glutathione, you risk taking too much and entering a “hyper reductive state” where your body stops making glutathione on its own. 

In order to receive the benefits of glutathione without the risk, we developed the most comprehensive glutathione-enhancing supplement on the market, GSH+.

GSH+ is physician-formulated to give the body a constant supply of the building blocks of glutathione. Unlike a pure glutathione supplement, GSH+ gives your body what it needs to make its own supply of glutathione, so you don’t have to worry about risking a “hyper reductive state.” 

Discover the best supplements for runners with GSH+. Shop now.